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All of our products come with the option of integrating RFID. Here you have a list of all the wristbands our business offers and the way to find the perfect wristband for your business.

Made from premium cedar wood, this wristband will allow you to keep it for a long time.

This wristband is loved for its originality, and its user will want to make it a memory of this moment, whether it is a vacation, an event or a stay.

All the materials used are taken from specialised sources, which makes the product have a superior quality.

No need to take it off: It is water resistant, very solid and allows you to wear it any time and for any activities.

A perfect blend of style and security, designed for seamless access control in any setting.

The one-way safety clasp turns the promotional wristband into an instant safety wristband.

For a more eco-friendly approach, an option with a bamboo clasp is available!

Experience comfort and convenience like never before with this durable and stylish solution.

A hypoallergenic material, currently used by hospitals for patients.

They offer durability and resistance.

It has a non-transferable safety clasp that provides maximum security. Vinyl wristbands are recommended for extended wear.

Tear-resistant, waterproof, and customizable, they’re the ideal choice for an easy access control. QR code, Barcode and more!

TYVEK wristbands are a convenient option for short period events or activities. 

Water-resistant laminated paper bracelet whose thickness gives it a durability of 2 to 7 days, depending on its use.

  • Wood wristband with RFID used as door key/keycard.

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